Logan Paul Drops Threat of Lawsuit Against Coffeezilla But Will Alleged Victims Get Money Back?


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Popular influencer and professional wrestler Logan Paul has dropped his threat of a lawsuit of YouTube journalist Coffeezilla after being accused of running a crypto investment scam.

“Hey all, just wanted to update you. I deleted my initial response to Coffee’s series. It was rash and misaligned with the trust issue at hand, so I called him today and apologized,” Paul wrote in a message posted on a Discord server he operates, according to a screenshot shared online by Coffeezilla.

Paul added that he is “grateful” that the case has been brought to light, and said he will come forward with “a plan” in the near future.

It is unclear what exactly Logan’s plan will entail, and whether victims of the alleged scam will ever get compensated.

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Scamming users with NFT game

The original threat of a lawsuit by Paul came in the form of a 7-minute video that he recorded in response to a 3-part documentary series that contained accusations that he was running a crypto scam with CryptoZoo, a game where users were supposed to earn NFTs.

The documentary was produced by YouTuber Stephen Findeisen, better known as Coffeezilla, and the first episode has now been viewed 7.6 million times.

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In a tweet posted last weekend, Coffeezilla also confirmed that he had spoken with Paul.

“Logan called me. He said he’s deleting the two responses, and is dropping the lawsuit threats,” Coffeezilla wrote.

He added that he hopes Paul “takes accountability and refunds the victims of CryptoZoo.”

Paul: Coffeezilla “used my name for views and money”

In his original response to Coffeezilla’s documentary, Logan Paul made it clear that he was not happy with it, and that he intended to pursue defamation proceedings.

“Coffeezilla, I watched your three-part series called ‘Investigating Logan Paul’s biggest scam,” Paul said in the video, which was published on January 3.

“Like many on this platform, you have successfully used my name for views and money. While your work used to be impartial, your addiction to clicks has clouded your judgment and you made very real errors with very real repercussions,” Paul added.

The video has now been deleted from Logan Paul’s YouTube channel.

Logan Paul is an extremely popular YouTuber with more than 23.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has in the past been involved in several crypto projects, including a Polaroid photography NFT project and the above-mentioned CryptoZoo game.

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