Web3 NFT game Tiny Colony ditches Solana for ImmutableX

Tiny Colony is launching its base building and sim management game on the ImmutableX blockchain platform after going back on its decision to launch on the Solana blockchain months earlier.

Tiny Colony aims to leverage IMX’s innovative scaling

Tiny Colony, a pixelated world with humanoid ants fighting for survival, has announced plans to move the highly-anticipated launch of its NFT game from Solana to the Ethereum-based ImmutableX blockchain.

‍ImmutableX is a layer-2 scaling solution that provides an NFT infrastructure on the blockchain. It has created a platform where innovative Web3 games can thrive by improving user experience through fast transaction speed, smooth gameplay, and cheap gas fees.

Per the announcement, the decision to move to ImmutableX is mainly due to its “revolutionary scaling technology” and its focus on ensuring a seamless user experience. In addition, Solana’s recent problems with network outages and a sharp price decline prompted the creators of Tiny Colony to make the switch.

Thanks to the team-up with Immutable, Tiny Colony can now offer its users a wide range of new products and services, including more gaming options for Web3 gamers, a built-in crypto wallet, enhanced security, and so on.

“Immutable has been very gaming-focused since the beginning,” Tinyverse co-founder and CEO Arshia Navabi stated. “They have an amazing development team and incredible technology focused around gaming.”

According to Navabi, an award-winning film producer, The colony has initiated a “burn-in mint” process to help Solana NFT holders in the community swap to an Ethereum-based version of their asses. He further stated that more details would continue to unfold as launch day approaches.

Launched initially on Solana’s marketplace, Tiny Colony has sold more than $3 million worth of NFTs, and its gameplay centers around building and management. In the Tinyverse, players must build and manage underground humanoid ant colonies and strategically farm, mine, hatch larvae, and defend their colony to survive. 

Players are rewarded with NFTs, which can be traded in NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. The launch is expected to commence later this year.

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