Three reasons to consider BudBlockz (BLUNT) in 2023

Digital assets and currencies can be promising but volatile alternative investments. Nevertheless, investors are keen on expanding their crypto portfolios. If you’re building a digital asset portfolio, you’ll need help sifting through all the available options. There are thousands of coins and tokens in circulation.

If you’re looking to invest in 2023, BudBlockz can be an option. The company will launch its native crypto, BLUNT, for public sale in the next few days following its successful private token sale.

BLUNT may present an investment opportunity that you can track. In light of this, we’ll talk about some reasons BudBlockz aims to maximize investors’ return on investment.  

Three reasons to consider BudBlockz 

1. It is a crypto, CBD, and legal marijuana bridge

As one of the first cannabis crypto in the world, BudBlockz is changing the world of CBD and legal marijuana. It is bringing businesses and users together on one decentralized finance platform. The company offers a peer-2-peer marketplace where clients can privately transact without fear of scrutiny. On launching, the BudBlockz e-commerce store will feature variations of the best CBD and legal marijuana products worldwide. Using BLUNT, you will buy listed products with complete security and privacy. 

BudBlockz is positioning itself as a champion of the crypto-cannabis space. The marijuana industry is estimated to surpass the $200 billion mark in the next five to ten years. Consequently, BudBlockz may benefit from this expansion, adding value to BLUNT.

2. Non-fungible token use case and real-world practicality 

It’s rare for a company to have a good collection of non-fungible tokens. BudBlockz recently launched their 10,000 NFT collection, Ganja Guruz, on Rarible and OpenSea. The Ganja Guruz has a retro video game theme, and each NFT has functionality. BudBlockz NFT holders can become fractional stakeholders in various CBD companies listed on the platform. Because of ownership, holders receive monthly dividends, supplementing their income. Additionally, Ganja Guruz holders will get unparalleled access to exclusive CBD stores on the BudBlockz platform, allowing them to buy top-tier products.

Benefits of BLUNT

Due to the limited circulating supply of BLUNT, whales appear to be keen on investing in BudBlockz. Having a fixed number of tokens means the company plans to be deflationary. Subsequently, it allows members to run the BudBlockz ecosystem with their BLUNT coins, distribute rewards, and earn income via DeFi staking. 

With all things said, investors can look at BudBlockz, do their due diligence, and decide whether to put their hard-earned money, especially as the crypto market appears to be shaking off the bears of 2022.

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