Hurry To Invest in Kucoin Supported Calvaria Battle Cards Fantasy Game Before Red Hot Presale Ends Soon

The play to earn gaming space is one of the most significant in the entirety of the cryptocurrency industry, and has been exploding in popularity recently. 

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the play to earn sector has a wider appeal for retail users, who may not usually be so inclined to participate in the crypto industry thanks to the relatively high barrier to entry. 

Calvaria is changing the play to earn space for the better 

Calvaria is a project that is focused on making battle card games in Web3, and doing so in such a way that they are enjoyable as possible.

As a multi-chain project, those who are using the Calvaria ecosystem can rely on the benefits of various chains. This means that many gamers won’t even realise that they are using blockchains thanks to the seamless nature of the game. 

Users are able to make use of the security of the Ethereum blockchain, whilst also taking advantage of the speed and low fees of the Polygon blockchain. 

Participate in the Calvaria DAO 

RIA is the lifeblood of Calvaria, and sits at the heart of the Calvaria ecosystem. As well as a rewards token and the native currency of the ecosystem, RIA doubles up as a governance token. 

This means that the token anyone can make their voice heard within the ecosystem and play their role when it comes to shaping the future of the project. 

Moreover, it helps to align incentives between the community members and the core development team, and to ensure that the project always takes the steps that are in the best interests of both parties for the long term. 

Speculation that RIA may list on KuCoin 

There has been some speculation that the RIA token may soon be listing on KuCoin, in addition to the series of centralised exchanges that they have already managed to successfully organise thus far. 

The KuCoin wallet already supports RIA presale, and the team has been working diligently to secure a range of centralised exchange listings after the project goes live. These changes include Uniswap, BitMart, Changelly Pro and LBank, and there are sure to be more announced in the coming months. 

Less than $400k left of the presale 

Given that the project has already managed to raise an impressive $2.7m, there is only $400k left of the Calvaria presale.

The presale is live on the Calvaria website, and will be running until either the 31st January or until all of the remaining tokens have been sold. Those who wish to acquire tokens before the presale has concluded ought to head over to the Calvaria website as soon as possible for early bird prices. 


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