Ethereum team lead sees zero interest from university in collaborating

Peter Szilagyi, Ethereum’s team lead, voiced dissatisfaction with his former university’s lack of enthusiasm in recommending students for collaboration with Ethereum.

Peter Szilagyi, the team lead of Ethereum, has expressed frustration over his alma mater’s lack of interest in providing opportunities for students to collaborate with Ethereum (ETH).

In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Szilagyi explained that he had always felt a lack of genuine interest when he returned to his old university to deliver talks about Ethereum.

He stated that the students appeared to be more focused on the price of Ethereum rather than the project itself.

“The audience seems to have been stuck in the number go up aspect; and the organizers always used it as an ad campaign.”

Szilagyi noted that this year he organized a grant for 9 students to participate in Devconnect, including flights and accommodation.

“I haven’t met the students myself, but someone supposedly has.

“Figured lets see if this piqued some interest.

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