Edward Snowden NFTs featured at PleasrDAO auction

PleasrDAO is launching a live NFT auction featuring digitized versions of papers from the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden and other exciting and unique NFTs.

The community of PleasrDAO is putting preparations in top gear to bring to life a decentralized digital collectibles and art empire via the launch of its live NFT auction that will display a digitized version of the infamous Pentagon papers that Edward Snowden leaked to the public in 2013.

PleasrDAO launches activism-backed NFT auction

The ethereum-based NFT was created in collaboration with political activist, Daniel Ellsberg, and The Freedom of the Press Foundation to help raise awareness and fund their political causes. The NFT will be on display in a live stream event called PleasrHouse, created by the PleasrDAO community.

Snowden and Ellsberg, board members of the foundation, revealed that the NFT is named after Ellsberg’s Pentagon papers in 1971 entitled “Wouldn’t You Go to Prison to Help End This War?”

Speaking on the auction, PleasrDAO’s head of marketing, Cris Eberle, noted that the project had a relationship with Snowden since the community acquired the activist’s Stay Free NFT earlier in 2021″

“It’s an amazing piece, and the funds raised from the auction funded a year-plus of Freedom of the Press Foundation operating costs.”

Cris Eberle, PleasrDAO’s head of marketing

According to reports, the auction is expected to start on Thursday, Jan. 12. The first segment will include an interview with Ellsberg and Snowden, the artwork auction, and a documentary by PleasrDAO.

More growth in NFTs

PleasrDAO has been active in the NFT space since its launch in March 2021. The community-backed project acquired a $5.4 million NFT piece created by Snowden at an auction in 2021. The project stated that it was inspired to buy the NFT by Snowden’s dedication to truth and transparency.

In 2021, the community acquired the digital version of the music label Wu-Tang Clan’s 2015 album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” for $4 million. However, controversies trailed the purchase of the digital art after reports emerged that it was seized when its former owner, Martin Shkreli, was indicted by the US SEC for securities fraud. 

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