DeeStream attracts interest from AVAX, XRP fans amid Bitcoin halving

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Following the recent Bitcoin halving, DeeStream’s presale attracts heightened attention from Avalanche and Ripple investors.

One major event in the crypto ecosystem that has fueled investors’ movement is the Bitcoin halving in mid-April, which has been anticipated since the last one, four years ago. Unlike in the past when Bitcoin surged to an all-time high after halving, this time around, Bitcoin surged to an all-time high before halving.

A week after halving, the DeeStream presale has seen increased investment with growing interest from Avalanche and Ripple investors.

Avalanche drops below $40

Avalanche is not spared in the market sentiment that has seen its price decline to $39.01. Like most altcoins, Avalanche is showing weakness following the fourth Bitcoin halving. The highly anticipated event, which has inspired mixed market sentiment, has seen capital spill over into other cryptocurrencies, including Avalanche.

In the past month, Avalanche has declined by 26.3% from about $47 to $39. The fall from the $40 resistance level signifies that Avalanche may fall lower.

On the other hand, Avalanche surged in the past week by 6.7%, moving near $40. At a price value of $39.2, a significant market movement can shoot Avalanche back above $40, which could usher in a rebound.  

Ripple reacts to Bitcoin halving

There is a stark difference between the crypto market of mid-March and mid-April 2024. For instance, in the second week of March, Ripple was among the tokens that recorded a massive surge in the crypto market. Analysts revealed that Ripple holders recorded a profit of $368.79 million as the token surged from $0.4 to $0.62.

However, Ripple has declined by 13% in the past month and is now valued at $0.54. Analysts attribute this sharp decline to price correction and market sentiment. Despite this decline, the Bollinger Bands indicator shows that Ripple is witnessing the tightest contraction ever.

This band contraction is similar to the one recorded in 2020, the previous Bitcoin halving year. In response to the decline, Ripple holders are optimistic about DeeStream streaming features and diverting their assets.

DeeStream gains investor attention 

From presale stage one, DeeStream has stood out due to its exciting features and functions, thereby growing optimism among investors. With the simple signup process that gives instant streaming access and the quick payout feature where streamers can instantly withdraw their earnings, DeeStream has pioneered change in streaming.

DeeStream presale investors are optimistic about the swap service, allowing them to exchange different tokens instantly without charges or commissions. Users can withdraw their earnings in DST or swap them with other tokens.

Interestingly, streaming and transaction history on DeeStream are secured and free from third-party access. Unlike other traditional streaming platforms that fetch history and send targeted ads, DeeStream is secured and does not give unauthorized access to users’ history.

Similarly, DeeStream is a highly transparent blockchain protocol where users can trace their transaction history and records, thereby making the marketplace a more honest, stable, and trustworthy platform for any amount of trading.

To learn more about DeeStream, visit the DeeStream website.

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