Catch up on Render and BNB price spike; enhance wallets with top analyst pick

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BNB and Render’s surprising rallies draw attention to Raboo, an ERC-20 token with robust presale gains and 100x launch potential.

Several weeks ago,BNB and Render rallied incredibly, but because the rally was not anticipated, some investors were not able to capitalize on it. Fortunately, investors who missed the rally, have been presented with another promising opportunity in a new coin called Raboo (RABT),   operating on the ERC-20 network.

Interestingly, this new token is already delivering gains in its presale and analysts have tipped it to surge 100x post launch. Could Raboo be the right token to supercharge the wallets of investors who missed RNDR and BNB? Let’s find out.

BNB price slumps 20% after ATH: Can HODLer Airdrops restore momentum?

Earlier in June Binance Coin (BNB) embarked on a significant uptrend that caused it to reach an all-time-high of 720.62 on June 6th. However BNB took a nosedive afterward, dropping by 20.95% to a current price of $570.

In a bid to return to its all time high, BNB has begun a new program called ‘HODLer: Airdrops’ This program is designed to reward  BNB tokens holders with early access to launching tokens by giving them early access to new cryptocurrency tokens that are launching. The sentiments behind the new program are positive but there’s still uncertainty regarding whether BNB will return to its all time high soon. 

DeFi token bullish outlook in doubt after market plunge

Render allows users to lend their unused computer graphics processing power (GPU capacity) to help render motion graphics and visual effects. Despite the volatile nature of the broader cryptocurrency market, Render has been able to maintain steady growth. This suggests that there is consistent demand for the services Render provides; however scalability remains a major challenge for the platform.

Looking at CoinMarketCap’s historical price charts for RNDR, on March 17th, it reached an all-time-high, at $13.60. However the DeFi crypto coin is now trading at $7.3, having shed off over 45% of its value. With such significant decline, many investors are beginning to doubt RNDR’s bullish outlook.

Raboo: The AI-powered memecoin

Among many memecoin projects that have emerged this year, Raboo still turns investors’ heads with its promising outlook, which has the potential to supercharge investors’ wallets by 100-fold. The ERC20 token also overshadows other memecoin projects with its intriguing features backed by AI and Social-Fi, which presents investors with various opportunities to earn passive income.

Raboo’s pursuit of becoming a profitable DeFi crypto to be launched has earned it the respect and admiration of meme enthusiasts worldwide. One of the aspects meme enthusiasts are said to have loved about the memecoin is the opportunity Raboo gives them to contribute towards shaping the future of the meme world by just clicking, liking, and sharing well-crafted and engaging memes.

Raboo is currently in Stage 4 of its presale, offering RABT tokens at just $0.0048. Soon Raboo will progress to a higher presale stage, and its coin price will also increase, delivering investors who invest in the current stage decent returns. However, investors who wish to supercharge their wallets are advised to get in early and keep hold of RABT until it launches, as experts see a potential 10,000% surge for the token shortly after it hits the market.


While BNB’s price has declined after reaching an all-time high, the platform’s new “HODLer: Airdrops” program aims to restore momentum by rewarding long-term holders. Similarly, the RNDR token has faced a market plunge, raising doubts about its bullish outlook. 

However, the spotlight seems to have shifted to the promising memecoin Raboo (RABT) token, which is generating significant investor interest during its ongoing presale. Analysts have projected a potential 100x surge for RABT post-launch, making it an attractive opportunity for investors looking to supercharge their wallets and invest in one of the best cryptos to buy in 2024.

For more information, visit the Raboo presale website or join the community on Telegram and X.

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