California grower integrates blockchain to monitor cannabis

Mendocino Clone Company, a cannabis farm from California, will use blockchain and smart contracts in California to track the authenticity of its medicinal plants.

Mendocino Clone Company, which plants cannabis for wholesale distribution, has partnered with the EMTRI project and IT company Global Compliance Applications. Blockchain smart contracts will certify the plants, proving their validity and genetic heritage.

Using the technology, a batch certificate will be issued for each clone or baby plant. The first ones will be issued in February.

Mendocino will be able to “record the early phases of a cannabis plant’s path to become a premium product for customers based on the gram weight it blossoms,” according to a statement from the facility.

Moreover, authorized farmers, who buy Mendocino plants, will have access to EMTRI (EMT) token rewards. These tokens may be staked for increased returns or exchanged on Uniswap for USDC. EMT is not listed on any of the major CEXes.

What is a batch certificate?

A batch certificate is a self-generated smart contract. In this case, it will provide a unique identification block for every young plant made by Mendocino. The smart contracts will be issued on an Ethereum-based blockchain.

The contract might be used by customers, who include retail dispensaries and commercial farms, to confirm the legitimacy of their plants and their genetic ancestry.

Cannabis industry interested in blockchain

Recently, Cannaland, a metaverse focused on cannabis, announced building a virtual environment for cannabis fans. The company which produces pipes released tokenized bongs in January 2022, and celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Santana bought the NFTs.

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