Bridge Champ taps NFT badges and crypto rewards to enhance online bridge play

One thing to consider when exploring NFTs is whether they have any utility. More often than not, that is only sometimes the case. However, Bridge Champ sees NFTs as a core part of its future roadmap and will help players track their online bridge play progress. 

Building utility NFTs with Bridge Champ

There are tens of thousands of non-fungible token collections on the market. Some of them will provide real-world benefits, whereas others are merely speculative. More often than not, there is a hint of future potential, but it may not always come to fruition. Of course, that doesn’t mean the technology isn’t viable, but developers must carefully consider their reason for incorporating NFTs

Bridge Champ, the leading online bridge play platform built on blockchain technology, wants to introduce utility-focused NFTs. More specifically, the team unveiled a new roadmap introducing Bridge Champ players to NFT badges. These badges represent one’s skill level and progress on the platform. It is a viable way of tracking progress and sharing crucial statistics with friends, club members, or opponents during upcoming tournaments. 

Gamifying the concept of the Bridge and its online tournaments will help introduce more people to cryptocurrency. NFT badges will represent player levels tied to in-game crypto rewards. It is a frictionless way to introduce more technology and rewards, regardless of one’s existing knowledge of blockchain technology. In addition, Bridge Champ users will have the option to collect crypto rewards for in-game achievements. 

Jelurida Co-founder and Bridge Champ project lead Lior Yaffe adds:

“We are excited to enter the play-to-earn arena with a solution for online bridge play. Bridge is arguably the most interesting card-based skill game ever invented. The combination of fun and exciting play with modern social elements and crypto integration creates an innovative solution never seen before.” 

Bridge Champ is built on Ignis, the first child chain of the Ardor ecosystem. That technology enables global online bridge gameplay, combatting cheating and securing relevant in-game information. All NFT and crypto rewards aspects will occur on the Ardor blockchain through the IGNIS child chain token. 

More developments to come 

The updated Bridge Champ roadmap touches upon other upcoming changes. While introducing NFT badges and crypto rewards is a big step forward, the team wants to enhance online bridge play. One way of doing so is by enabling online tournaments, with players and bots, and strengthening the mobile and web experience. 

Further down the line, Bridge Champ will facilitate credit card payments and introduce rankings. Those rankings are two-fold: they will track player skill and sportsmanship to create a coefficient. Playing bridge is a social event, and sportsmanship plays a crucial role in ensuring everyone has a good time. Moreover, this approach enables the platform to attract more bridge clubs and federations. 

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