BONK aims to reach new all-time highs following PEPE and KANG

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Memecoins like Pepe and KangaMoon are gaining momentum, while Bonk strives to reach new highs in the thriving crypto market.

Memecoins have grown to become a key cog in the crypto industry. With a total market cap of over $54 billion, more top memecoins are gaining more value in the market. 

Among the top memecoins, Pepe (PEPE) and KangaMoon (KANG) are soaring in momentum ahead of what could be a significant rallying period for these meme projects. Meanwhile, can Bonk (BONK) – another high-flying meme coin – keep up with the rallying pace of the two earlier mentioned tokens in the coming weeks? Find out from the analysis below.

KangaMoon readies for more rally as presale records 400% growth 

The KangaMoon presale is in a high-flying mode as it has yet again recorded a significant uptrend in price value. The KANG presale, which was initially trading at $0.0196 less than two weeks ago, recently recorded over 30% price growth to grow to the value of $0.025. As a result, the token has gained a total of 400% in price growth so far into its presale phase. 

As a result, early investors of the token are the significant gainers, given the up to 400% ROI that is now credited to their portfolios.  Notably, experts oversee another significant price growth of up to 500% for the KANG presale as it announces its BitMart listing. 

Investors are open to a 10% bonus for every purchase of the KANG presale they buy in May. At the current trajectory, the KANG token is likely to reach $5 before the end of the year. Meanwhile, KangaMoon is an immersive play-to-earn platform that provides an environment in which users can earn money from playing on-chain games. 

As a community-driven project, KangaMoon maintains a thriving SocialFi structure that enables members to interact and share insights on the platform. So far, over 25,000 members have joined the platform. With the combined features of the KangaMoon platform and the sky-high potential of the KANG token, investing in the project could be a good decision.

Pepe price continues to consolidate amid rising momentum

In recent weeks, Pepe has triggered a significant price momentum that has seen the token maintain a steady uptrend. Within the past month, Pepe’s price has gained over 105% in value to consolidate on an already all-time price peak based on market data.

With key market indicators showcasing positive signals, Pepe’s price is likely to see an over 200% gain in the coming weeks, making it one of the top memecoins to buy in May. Meanwhile, Pepe’s trading volume is ranked among the top 5 in the meme coin market. The Pepe market sentiment is bullish, and that could trigger more rallies. 

How high can Bonk Coin price go in May?

Amid the rising price values of memecoin titans in the industry, Bonk has also towed the path of a price rally, gaining over 55% within the past month. Also, Bonk’s market cap has recorded an uptrend with a valuation of over $1.6 billion according to data from CoinMarketCap.  

Market signals are pointing toward a sustained bullish momentum for Bonk in the month with numerous analysts projecting a retest of the $0.000047 ATH. Moreover, the memecoin is likely to be one of the best-performing tokens in the coming weeks following a positive trajectory of key market indicators such as price gain, market activity, and investors’ positive perception of Bonk in the market. 

To learn more, visit the official Kangamoon website or follow the project on Telegram.

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