BIT Mining stock surges 42% on LD3 miner launch

BIT Mining Limited’s stock volume has surged by 42% after the technology-driven cryptocurrency mining business announced today the introduction of its cutting-edge Litecoin (“LTC”) / Dogecoin (“DOGE”) mining equipment, model LD3.

The LD3 model expected to create efficiency

The LD3 machine is more cost-effective in terms of energy usage than its forebears. It has a power efficiency of 0.73 W/MH and 4800 MH/s supply.

Consequently, it’s one of the few models with a short repayment period for LTC/DOGE mining investments while ensuring cost efficiency. Additionally, the BIT LTE/DOGE-related stock has increased by 42% as investors expect this new model to generate more profits.

The LD3s allow about a 10% performance shield for computing power microprocessors as the machines are designed for reliability.

Reduced maintenance expenses are the outcome of this technique, which not only successfully delays the need to service the device but also makes it possible for LD3s to operate more reliably.

LTC/Doge miners also have better security assurances because of LD3’s design. The LD3 model utilizes software-level security methods that are patched for the most recent common vulnerabilities & exposures. Security safeguards at the hardware level are also applied.

According to Benzinga Pro data, BTCM now has a 52-week low of $1.40 and a high of $47.50.

BIT Mining is a leading crypto mining company that works to add value to the entire industry. Its operations include mining cryptos, running mining pools, running data centers, and manufacturing mining equipment.

The company owns crypto website and a mining pool startup that runs under the same domain. Additionally, the BIT mining controls Bee Computing, a 7-nanometer cryptocurrency mining equipment producer.

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