Birdeye Integrates Real-Time Crypto Market Data on Sui Blockchain

Birdeye, an onchain crypto trading data aggregator, has expanded its services to include the Sui blockchain, providing real-time crypto market data APIs and WebSockets for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. This integration, which began in April 2024, aims to enhance the data accessibility for developers and traders using the Sui network, according to The Sui Blog.

Comprehensive Data Services

Birdeye offers a range of APIs and WebSockets that allow users to integrate detailed crypto market data into their projects. Key APIs include the Price API, OHCLV (real-time candle chart) API, Token API, and Trades API. These APIs provide various data points such as token prices, historical price data, and trading activity, which are essential for building robust DeFi applications.

Price APIs

The Price API is divided into three endpoints: individual token price, multiple token prices, and price history. These endpoints allow users to retrieve current and historical price data for tokens across different blockchain networks, including Sui.


The OHCLV API offers real-time Open, High, Low, Close, and Volume data for tokens and trading pairs. This API is crucial for technical analysis and visualizing price trends, aiding in market analysis and trading decisions.

Token APIs

Birdeye’s Token APIs include endpoints for retrieving a list of tokens and detailed information about individual tokens. These APIs provide insights into market capitalization, trading volume, and price changes, helping users make informed decisions.

Trades APIs

The Trades API provides data on trading activities for specific tokens or trading pairs. This information is vital for tracking trading patterns and understanding market dynamics.

Real-Time Data with WebSockets

Birdeye’s WebSockets deliver real-time updates on token prices and trading activities. These WebSockets support subscribing to multiple tokens or trading pairs, enabling users to stay updated with the latest market movements.

Unified Dashboard

Birdeye’s dashboard offers a unified interface for managing API keys, subscriptions, and billing. This integrated hub simplifies the management of data services, ensuring efficient and streamlined operations for enterprise partners.

Supporting Innovation on Sui

By integrating with the Sui blockchain, Birdeye Data Services aims to support innovation and growth within the Sui ecosystem. The availability of comprehensive and real-time crypto trading data empowers developers to create advanced DeFi applications, attracting a wider user base to Sui.

For more information on Birdeye’s data services and pricing plans, visit the official Sui Blog.

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