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As I kid I remember reading a Donald Duck story about him being frustrated that people were different to him. In the story, he then all of a sudden multiplied to be in the city with just various versions of himself, leading everything to be a total mess.

Turns out, we need different views, temperaments, skills, and cultural standpoints to make this whole planet thing work. These days, when ever you have something real to say, you are a threat to someone.

We’ve lost the idea that some of our bad ideas should die facing better ones in public conversations, so we don’t all have to die by the bad ideas. As it is perceived by many that there is no transcendent realm in the west, many feel like their ideas is who they are. So challenging ideas, even the awful ones, feels like dying to them.

We are each others checks and balances, if this democracy thing is done right, but it goes beyond it. We are born with different temperaments to maintain the balance of the cosmos, even if the planets collide into one another on occasion. A simpler way is trying a make a NY socialite do your farm growing.

As hinted towards in the previous article, the art world is by en large, is still totally clueless about the value of digital decentralised certificates. The human desire to erase the parts we don’t like, multiply ourselves in an attempt to reach utopia, and play power games – without accountability – led to this multiplied Donald Duck nightmare. Real inclusivity means inclusivity of temperaments and ideas foreign to us, and that is HARD work to live with. The law of entropy means something Ayn Rand once said:

You Can Avoid Reality, But You Cannot Avoid the Consequences of Avoiding Reality

The Fork and Flip piece now works in AR via the Artivive app

From Vantaa to Dubai

When I was a kid, a couple kids used to call me “big head” as my head was disproportionately bigger than the rest of my body. It was true at that point, but I figure it had also something to do with those big ideas I had, that didn’t really fit into the sub-urban grey Vantaa school setting. I’m sure you’ve never heard of Vantaa, but that has something to do with big ideas not being so common there, even if some individuals reach escape velocity. Not saying it was Bronx in the 70’s, but as tough environments damage us, but they also breed sisu. This is a Finnish term equivalent to something like grit, but it doesn’t quite cover it. It has been a very useful thing throughout my life, as I keep being animated and inspired by big ideas.


This bubble head figure is being turned into a 50cm 3D statue by the talented and idea filled Hadrien from Arteier3D. We met through Hamad Al Ali from Yalla Group earlier in Dubai, and kept in touch figuring out ways to work together. Getting this statue done is a great honor for me with a sentiment reaching all the way to some lemons being made into lemonade since a kid. It comes to show that through working hard enough and pushing for a vision, things become possible. Very grateful for this whole process now, even if part of the pain remains as the rocket fuel to elevate further still.


More on this collab later, as we are onto even bigger ideas.

Renaissance 360 continued

The Desert Rose piece from the MIrrors series.

Blow up at the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai

Would you live here?

Would you fly in this?

Thanks to Mic Kuisma, that I finally met in person at the Tmrw Conf in Serbia, I was introduced to Martin from White Mammoth studios. He is now responsible for the implementation of “Desert Rose” into a fantastic render of a villa as well as a jet, giving a vision on where we are headed. We will be working together on many things, to which this is a great start.

What does it look like, when liabilities get turned into assets via a creative art & licence process utilising digital certificates? Can assets be turned into further value through the same process?

Before heading to Finland this summer, due to the kind introduction of H.E Amna Fikri, we had a meeting with the eloquent H.E Fahad Al Gergawi, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI). We keep being inspired by the vision of Dubai and UAE, as well as feel there is a significant contribution we can add to the region via our Renaissance 360 concept.


fT NFT at Dubai Mall


Pioneering physical and digital integration, the ftNFT Art Gallery located at the Dubai Mall is one of its kind. The super sleek store, equipped with screens and opens space to showcase physical works and merchandise, stands as the grand creative experiment of the Fastex exchange. VESA has always worked to bridge physical and digital together, so a partnership between the two was a natural evolution.

Tom Badley’s “Art & Money” show is currently on, so please check that out.

Team VESA has consulted for the gallery over the summer, and now the partnership will turn to exhibiting VESA at their location.

“Million Dirham Hotel” is one of the ones being sold as a motion NFT coming with a physical piece that launches the AR animation.

“Caramel” is one of the ones being sold as a motion NFT coming with a physical piece that launches the AR animation.

The show will include some OG Crypto artworks as re-paints as well as new works from the Mirrors series.

Some of them were last seen in Toda Dubai at the MKO concert.

The opening night will be on the 11th of November at Dubai Mall / ftNFT store.
Check them out here: FT NFT GALLERY


I mean, just WOW!

If you’ve been to this event, you already know. WOW Summit (8.-9. October) is back, bigger, and more lavish than before. One of the most epic events in town, WOW reunites once again the spearheading keynote speakers, Founders, panelists, and thought leaders of our industry.

VESA will be featured on a panel on NFTs during the event, and excitingly on the first night, he will give a presentation before the gala dinner for the VIP guests.



This was from a previous presentation at WOW Summit 2021 at the Atlantis hotel conference room.

Primal Scream

While we live in a gas light planet, I don’t know if you are doing well or not, but this will give a kick to your day!


Catch you at the events,
Keep your flag high,

VESA & Lotta
Crypto & NFT Artist
All links to physical, NFTs, and more below


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