Artist Trevor Jones discusses crypto, NFTs, and more

In a recent interview with Art Plugged, artist Trevor Jones, who earned an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art, discussed his passion for the crypto industry and Satoshi Nakamoto. 

Jones’ entry into cryptos and NFTs

Trevor Jones exhibits a profound understanding and mastery of his medium.

The desire to use technology in his work sets him apart from many of his peers. Before the hoopla surrounding NFTs and AR, he worked at the nexus of art and technology for more than ten years.

In 2012, he began experimenting with QR codes and oil paintings; the following year, he turned to augmented reality.

Through works like the World Leaders portrait series and a mysterious augmented reality exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Jones continued to use technology in his art over the ensuing years.

Jones saw how new technology could change a static picture into something fresh and inventive.

Inspiration for NFTs and bitcoin

In 2017, Jones made a huge investment in bitcoin, which greatly impacted his artistic development and helped him create his renowned augmented reality paintings with a crypto theme. These paintings include well-known figures from art, pop culture, and cryptocurrency.

In 2019, He released his first NFT, EthGirl, inspired by Picasso and made in partnership with the late NFT artist Alotta Money. This release marked the start of a string of Trevor Jones NFT offerings.

One of his most significant and recognizable works is the 2021 publication of “Bitcoin Angel,” a modern classic that ingeniously combines references to classical art with themes related to money.

The “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” by Gian Lorenzo Bernini served as the inspiration for the composition (1652). In Jones’ timeless piece, an angel shoots Teresa in the heart with a golden Bitcoin token in the background.

He has collaborated with artists like the anonymous Pak and DC Comics’ Jose Delbo, sold his NFTs for high prices at auction, and will show them at the Decentralized Art Pavilion “Singularity” at the Venice Biennale in 2022. He is currently one of the top artists in the crypto space.

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