Anthony Joshua’s Voice Recreated Using ElevenLabs’ AI for Under Armour Campaign

In an innovative move, the creative production partner Tool has employed ElevenLabs’ AI Voice software to recreate the voice of two-time world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua for a new Under Armour campaign, according to the ElevenLabs Blog.

Tool’s Creative Solution

Tool, known for its expertise in cultural strategy and efficient production processes, faced a unique challenge when tasked with creating a campaign celebrating Under Armour’s partnership with Anthony Joshua. Due to Joshua’s demanding training schedule, he was unavailable to participate in the commercial shoot.

To overcome this, Tool adopted a mixed-media approach. The campaign combined existing live-action footage owned by Under Armour with custom computer-generated (CG) and AI visuals, motion, and sound to bring the project to life.

Leveraging ElevenLabs’ AI Technology

A pivotal aspect of the project was the use of ElevenLabs’ Text-to-Speech model for the film’s audio. By utilizing samples from Joshua’s interviews, Tool was able to generate a synthetic clone of his voice. This AI-generated voiceover provided a lifelike narration without requiring Joshua’s physical presence in a recording studio.

“Everyone was blown away by how good it sounded,” remarked Dustin Cailiff, President at Tool. The AI voice software not only delivered a hyper-realistic voiceover but also significantly enhanced the efficiency of the project.

Typically, creating a commercial involving a global brand and a professional athlete would require multiple rounds of reviews, extending the timeline to 5-6 weeks. However, the ‘Forever is Made Now’ campaign was completed in just four weeks. Additionally, the project proved to be cost-effective, as it only required one week of the sound design team’s time, a feat unimaginable without ElevenLabs’ generative AI audio.

AI as a Creative Tool

Tool emphasizes that AI serves as a helpful aid rather than a replacement for creative work. “There is no magic AI button that will generate a commercial. AI is a creative tool that is guided by people,” Tool explained.

Cailiff expressed his enthusiasm for the potential of generative AI, stating, “I’m finding that what we’re currently seeing with generative AI is the most exciting opportunity since the rise of the internet. AI is allowing us to work with our clients to provide both creative and business value.”

The successful implementation of ElevenLabs’ AI in the Under Armour campaign showcases the growing role of AI in creative industries, offering both efficiency and high-quality results.

To view the finished commercial featuring ElevenLabs’ voice narration, visit the ElevenLabs Blog.

Image source: Shutterstock

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